Page Trader – Get the Most from Your Day Trading

While in the past, a day trader was almost exclusively someone in the employ of an investment firm or a banking institution, today’s markets are open to any private individual who is of legal age (in most US states the minimum age is 21 years) and who has access to relevant e-trading platform technologies and their associated capital requirements. In order to efficiently compete with Wall Street professionals backed by cutting-edge financial analysis and charting software, day trading enthusiasts of all levels of experience can ensure profit by implementing the strategies and forecasting reports available through subscription to an industry leader in live futures and commodities solutions such as Page Trader Ltd.

The fundamental concept any and all investors must retain is that knowledge is power—they must maintain a thorough understanding of the economic landscape, including current and future trends, especially when operating in the fast-paced environment of day trading. The world’s leading source of financial content on the web Investopedia offers tips for day traders, identifying three key points to consider before buying a stock: its liquidity, volatility and trading volume. As a dedicated futures and commodities trading strategy provider, Page Trader provides clients with real-time and on-demand market information produced through its own proprietary Spatial Relationship Forecasting methodology and delivered by its own team of experienced financial experts. Further to developing a solid foundation of knowledge, the successful day trader should operate within (and not deviate from) the framework of a well-designed business and trading plan that is designed to insulate against losses and to promote consistent gains. A description offered by the Gale Encyclopedia of E-commerce states: “Day trading requires a nose for minute stock movements, keen trend-spotting skills, and a ready mouse-click”.

Day traders of all ages are experiencing phenomenal successes as can be seen in the cases of 25 year old Dylan Collins (as reported in the Washington Post) who, shortly following his university graduation manages over $1 million USD in investor funds (including his own $100,000 of capital gains) or Maureen Christensen who at age 64 represents a growing trend of retirees (as reported by Forbes.Com) who actively invest portions of their retirement savings and describe the attraction of an “intellectual challenge” and the “camaraderie” of the trading community. While risk is inherent to this market, participants can do much towards mitigation, especially if they pair their strategy with the expert advice and tools available via online consumer trading consultancy products.

Page Trader Ltd. has been delivering near perfect buy & sell signals to day traders worldwide since 2000. With an easy-to-use platform (no software installation necessary), they offer a range of trading solutions geared towards efficient enter/exit strategies and predictable gains for 18+ markets including E-mini S&P 500, Soybean and Russell 2000 movements. Subscribers receive hundreds of forecasts annually, all produced exclusively by company founder David Williams who applies his Square Principle, Reflected Wave and Roadmap methodologies to the development of industry-leading intel for investors. As a bonus, Mr. Williams speaks directly to clients in 5 weekly webinars, sharing expertise in real-time.